If you’re visiting the Caribbean Sea’s famous Cayman Islands and need some options for exercising, there are a myriad of worthwhile spots to choose from. The area is actually renown for having some of the finest fitness centers and gymnasiums anywhere. Whether you find yourself in George Town, Red Bay, Savannah, Seven Mile Beach, or even South Sound, there’s always going to be a great facility not too far out. For instance, you might want to consider some of the following:

1 – The Powerhouse Gym (George Town)

Crewe Road in George Town is home to an impressive sports facility known as King’s Sports Center. Within it is the Powerhouse Gym. This particular spot will offer all sorts of fitness outlets for you of course, but they specialize in cardio and core strength building. You can even stop by for purely recreational reasons given the rock climbing walls and pole dancing classes. There’s even indoor hockey, basketball, rollerblading, karate classes, and plenty more. Fun isn’t always what people think of, but this one in particular is able to provide it in droves.

You can check out the Powerhouse Gym by visiting www.kingssportscentre.com.

2 – Anytime Fitness (Camana Bay)

As the all too appropriate name suggests, Anytime Fitness entered the scene as the Cayman Islands’ first gym to be opened every single day throughout the year. No matter when you happen to be in the area, this gym will be there for you. Sometimes late night workouts are the best, especially if you’re the type that likes to avoid crowds. Here, you’ll enjoy high quality cardio training and plenty of options for weight training. Some of the available classes range from yoga to boxing and all manner of intriguing walks of fitness in between.

If you need further information, just call (345) 326 8111.

3 – Life Extension Sports And Fitness Boutique (Seven Mile Beach)

Seven Mile Beach is the proud host of this mouthful of a gym. Its boutique style lends way to a warm and inviting atmosphere. Fortunately, it also happens to be open 24 hours a day. Along the prerequisite workout and training machines you’d expect from any quality establishment, you can also check out some seriously relaxing infrared saunas here. The Pilates classes are also top-notch if that’s your kind of thing.

That really only scratches the surface. There are many more fantastic gyms and fitness centers all throughout the Cayman Islands. Whether you’re vacationing or in the area for business, you can be sure you’ll have plenty of options to help keep you from putting on too much travel weight!

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